PugTube: Top 5 Pug Videos for November

November’s Top 5 pug videos we found on YouTube including three head-tilting pugs, Loca the pug that can’t run plus the smartest pug you’ll ever see!

1. The Pug Head Tilt

The pug head tilt will most probably feature every month in some form or another.

2. Snoring Pug Quentin sleeps sitting and falls

This video reminds Puglife of trying to stay awake in a boring seminar or film, difference is this Pug could have just gone to bed. We love it!


3. Loca the Pug singing – ‘The Pug That Couldn’t Run’

Loca is amazing, can show us humans a thing or two about being happy with your quirks!

4. Pug REFUSES to go to bed… Screams!!!!!

Hilarious, gotta love a stubborn Pug!


5. My Pug is smarter than your honor student!

The most disciplined Pug ever, shame our resident Pugs aren’t so obedient!

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