Pug Tails: Pugnacious the Pug

Pugnacious was a misunderstood Pug although his human thought him to be naughty. Pugnacious didn’t think he was naughty he just didn’t see why he should do what his human said.

Pugnacious tended to do the opposite of what his human wanted. When his human called out “walkies” Pugnacious would hide under the bed. When his human wanted to relax on the couch Pugnacious would beg at the door for a walk.

When his human told him not to jump up on the furniture Pugnacious would jump up all the more and when his human asked Pugnacious to jump up for a cuddle Pugnacious would turn his back on him.

The argumentative nature of the wee Pug went on in this way for a long time. His human loved him unconditionally and therefore Pugnacious was not inspired to change.

One day Pugnacious, whilst out on walk that he chose, met another Pug. He had never seen such a pretty Pug. They sniffed each other for some time and once they’d decided they liked each other they played and played. It was the most fun Pugnacious had ever had. Rosie the Pug asked Pugnacious if he would like to meet again, she told him she was there almost every morning. But it was in Pugnacious’ nature to be difficult and therefore he told Rosie “No!” Rosie was noticeably hurt as her bouncy tail hung low to the ground and she trotted away.

When Pugnacious got home he went straight to bed and thought about how sad Rosie had looked and how sad it made him feel that he may not see her again. He thought maybe he could try to change, maybe he was difficult by nature but maybe, with those he loved, he could try to be more accepting and less antagonistic.

The next morning his human, in vain, called “walkies” but that day was different as Pugnacious sprang from his bed enthusiastically. His human was shocked but very pleased, when Pugnacious saw his humans’ pleased reaction it made him feel warm inside. He ran as fast as his little legs would carry him to the park where he had met Rosie. But Rosie wasn’t there. She wasn’t there the day after that or the day after that. Pugnacious felt foolish for letting the opportunity pass him by and for hurting the pretty Pug but he was a stubborn little Pug and he would go back every day knowing that one day Rosie would be there.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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