Pug Tails: Pug in Berlin

My human took me on a trip to Berlin, I was so excited as she told me that there were 1500 types of sausages! I salivated the whole way there and had to count sausages to try and sleep through the anticipation.

Wow, Germany was great. I loved it, everyone was nice to me and the streets weren’t as narrow as Richmond or as busy as London so I didn’t fear being stepped on.

My human walked me to Checkpoint Charlie, I didn’t know what it was but I could tell it was something important. There was an attractive man in a uniform there and he stamped my humans passport, I liked him a lot so I licked his big black boots until he patted my head.

We walked a lot and saw lots of pretty trees, but I got really tired and very hungry so was fed the most delicious wieners – that’s what my human called them, I didn’t really get it as to me they were just really big sausages.

I was very sad to leave but my owner promised I could have a bratwurst in London, which was great, but I felt kind of cheated as I’d only ever had small sausages at home in the past.

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