Pug Tails – Sammy enjoys a film night with his human

Last night my human said to me “Ok Sammy you’re about to be educated”. I didn’t really know what she meant as I already felt pretty smart.

For example I know when to sit and when to stay, although one thing I still don’t know is what W.A.L.K.I.E.S means. I know it’s related to me as she always whispers it to my other human and then looks at me side ways, which makes me tilt my head excitedly.

I was happy to be “educated” and then surprised when my owner put a DVD on. I was confused throughout the film and although I enjoyed the music I didn’t understand why the people in it kept saying ‘frankfurter’ as I did not see any sausages in the film and in fact hearing about them just made me hungry. I got a little frustrated but I think I know why my human said I would be educated – I now know that humans can be called non-human names, like being named after delicious sausages for example. Apart from feeling confused and hungry by the end of the film I had enjoyed relaxing on the couch. I’d also very much like to visit Transylvania as the people from there seemed like a lot of fun!

It was a good night.

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